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Now open: commissions for custom illustrations
Now working n Erin Class Vessel designed by a friend at Citizens of the Imperium.

Commissions range in price on difficulty, and detail of illustration.

You are paying for my time in creating and texturing the model, not the renders of the model. I will provide up to 4 renders, from angles desired, and include a simple background 

more complex backgrounds, scenes, and simple animations will cost extra.

I would prefer cash, but points are acceptable.

Starting prices are 25 dollars for simple models,, with more complex illustrations increasing in price

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by peterku

I a going to buck the trend here and say leave the colors alone. The high contrast between the body of the gun and the power pack, and ...

The visual style is amazing. and the attention to detail makes my head hurt trying to imagine how difficult the work was. The eyes are ...

by peterku

Great skin texture. I do not even WANT to know how tricky that was :) The fact you used different textures at different places makes it ...

Okay first impressions...NICE. a Good solid space opera sci-fi look to it. great detail, good visual appeal. It's not practical but som...


Rigid Airships
Rigid Body Hybrid Airships.

Rigid Body airships are hybrid of aircraft and Airship. their outer shell and lift body is formed of a Lightweight carbon fiber shell filed with Helium in self contained adjustable volume gas bladders made of ultra light synthetic fiber fabric and mylar.

Properly piloted the airships can remain airborne for  days at a time conducting long range patrols or transporting personnel and ordinance across intercontinental and  transoceanic distances at a maximum speed of over 500 Kph for extended periods.

at over two hundred meters long and one hundred and forty meters wide  the Airship can be crewed by as few as five persons, or carry crews of up to fifty men depending on model and mission. while the airship does not have the raw lifting power of  conventional airships it does  have a great deal of interior space and a cargo lifting capacity greater  then the largest cargo aircraft.

While Not "Stealth" aircraft the sleek airframe and radar absorbent materials embedded in the carbon fiber shell of the  aircraft make it innately difficult to track with radar. In addition its low speed flight capability allows it to maneuver at speeds so low that many radar systems may exclude them as clouds, flocks of birds, or false returns.

Rigid airships may serve as Airborne command and communications centers, AWACS, maritime patrol,transport, missile/Drone carriers, or stand off attack aircraft.

While they are in no way suitable for direct  combat and  are normally vulnerable to  fighter and ground based missiles. They can  be armed with close in weapons systems, and long range air to air missiles that can repel attacks and knock out aircraft and ground  defenses at extreme range.

Crew: 5 minimum
length 240m
Width: 145m
Height: 14 meters( lifting Body)
Power: Mutifuel gas turbine/Electric Generators
Propulsion: Vectored thrust Turbojets. with ducted fan maneuvering thrusters
Max Speed: 300 Kph
Max Altitude: 10,000 m
Range: 9,000 Kilometers  (extended by in flight refueling from tanker airship)
Max Duration: 1-3 weeks
passengers: 450 ( troop ship in fold down seating , and folding cots)
cargo capacity: 300 tons
Setting here at six in the morning after another all nighter....Just sent the Draft of my Book to mongoose publishing.

it's 136 pages of brain burn for me....but at least now I can take a breather until the editors over at Mongoose send me the list of stuff I need to fix. then I am back on coffee, aspirin, and antacid till I get it right.

This is the first time I have written anything for publication bigger than a short article, and it's been a learning experience. I don't know how people who do this for a living manage to do this on a regular basis.  Hopefully i'll get to figure that out for myself.

Thanks to the guys and gals around here who gave me feedback, encouragement and advice. Some of you guys have been inspirations to me, helped shape my view of how to do game material, and my style( as pathetic as my scribbles are in my own opinion) 
    I felt like I was passing ten miles of barbed wire when I hit the send button a bit ago, I just hope when it comes out you guys don't laugh to hard. 



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Super Mario Odyssey - It's time to jump in the air
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