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Q-95 Quetzal Air Superiority  fighter by wbyrd Q-95 Quetzal Air Superiority  fighter by wbyrd
Q-95 Quetzal
Manufacturer: D.A.R.P.A Air Research Projects

Role: High altitude Intercept, Combat Superiority

Crew: Pilot/advanced computer assistance/Cybernetic Linkage Interface

Maximum speed
Real Space: Limited By fuel capacity max acceleration 15 Gees
Atmospheric: Mach 3.9
Pilot Gee Tolerance: 9

POWER PLANT GE X1 Quantum Resonance Power plant
X2 GE-X-0 Plasma fired Hybrid turbofan


Thermal/IR/UV/visual Enhancement system
Multi-band Pulse Doppler radar( look Up/down, Shoot Up/down
Multi-direction Thermal Threat Detection and Imaging System

Single 30mm Vulcan cannon
6 Short range Dogfight missiles
4 Long Range intercept missiles

Optional systems
Advanced electronic Warfare systems,
Radar Jamming and deception Modules.

Extended range Fuel Tanks


First Flown in 2023 The Quetzal Has many features that are as advanced as modern Hyper fighters. It was the last Advanced fighter Introduced by the United states Before the cataclysmic Eruption of The Yellowstone calderas which led tot he collapse and break up of The United States Of America.

The "Q" designation was a pre contact Military misdirection. The program was disguised as a research program to develop a long range autonomous "stealth" surveillance Drone.

On several Occasions the Aircraft was canceled due to "outrageous" overruns on projected cost, each Time the USAF redesignated the high performance aircraft and slipped it into another program. It is estimated that at one time expenses and administration of the "Q-Bird" was hidden in over 30 front projects and funded by numerous 'over expenditures" for goods and services from various companies.

In 2059 when The Unified American States Was formed following years of unrest and civil war Twenty Q-95s were found in an abandoned airbase in Nevada. The aircraft were selected as test beds for technology gained from covet contacts with both Valkiir and Mohljaniir "renegades" who warned the "Local" governments of impending invasion by The Najuhlim.

The Q-95 holds the distinction of being the first Earth aircraft to engage in combat against an off world opponent. On December 13 2063 Major John T Cryse Engaged four Najuhlim "Tombstones" pursuing and escaping J-45 Evacuation Escort as it made an (highly illegal under O'sahdii protocols) end run to Earth to deliver a Database containing Highly advanced technology to the Terrans during the final stages of the Mohljaniir Genocide.
Major Cryse downed four Najuhlim aircraft in a running dogfight that crossed over, and was easily visible from, several cites. The heavily damaged J-47, along with several additional Najuhlim fighters, crash landed in Central park In New York City.
The First Battle of New York, ended when a Najuhlim Corvette entered the airspace over new York and began to bombard the area around the crash site, the Corvette was downed by three ancient A-10s, and obsolete Ah-64s flown by the New York Air Militia using their heavy guns and missiles.
Major Cryse's Quetzal was brought down by enemy fire but the major survived the encounter and later led The UAFAF counter attack against Invading Najuhlim Ships at the Battle of Charlotte downing a dozen Enemy aircraft before being shot down, by heavy fire from a Najuhlim Assault transport.

The body of Major Cryse was recovered after the relief of Earth By a combined fleet of Valkiir, Tau, and Quetzl. He survived his ejection but was surrounded and Killed by Najuhlim ground forces while fighting with Local Militia troops.

During the Invasion of Earth The Terran Defenders discovered that their "Primitive" technology was nearly as advanced as star faring races, and in the area of light combat craft such as the Quetzal were superior tot he light poorly armed aircraft which had great difficulty engaging Aero-fighters which had the advantage of superior electronic warfare, greater straight line speed, and the greater stability of aerodynamic control surfaces.

Only the advanced power systems, engines, energy weapons, and life support systems set the enemy aircraft above the Less advanced atmospheric fighters. In many cases The defending aircraft could engage Najuhlim fighters at ranges far beyond the limited sensors carried by the Zealot combat craft.

After the Relief Of earth The Quetzal was upgraded to systems available from Valkiir and tau sources, It served in the Unified Defense force, and Later the TAE air Fleet, until it was replaced by other high speed Fighters designed to be far less expensive, and easier to produce.
Devastator200 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shadowkey392 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
Comes in green, black, white, pink, and a lovely sky blue! lol. This is awesome!
wbyrd Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
well now what would fun would boring off white and grey be... when ya blowing alien bad guys out to superheated plasma you have to look your best.
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