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B-415 Blackout Strategic Bomber by wbyrd B-415 Blackout Strategic Bomber by wbyrd
B-415 Blackout
Strategic Bomber

Built on the same basic airframe as the Awani family of craft the Blackout is a heavy tactical and strategic bomber designed to operate from large carriers, Orbital platforms and Planet side bases.
It is fully capable of earth to orbit and orbital escape flight allowing it to operate freely in any environment. It's one restriction is that it is not equipped with Hyperdrives which would allow it to strike enemy targets even before they exit hyperspace.

The enlarged wing surfaces, improved plasma drives, and enhanced antigravity thrusters give the big bomber performance high enough to make it a difficult to intercept target on several occasions the Blackout has successfully fought off Najuhlim and Onai fighter craft and penetrated heavily defended raider strong holds even when encountering heavy fighter and Escort craft resistance.

Each Blackout is armed with a single rapid fire Vulcan cannon on the left side of it's forward fuselage, a ream mounted laser point defense system and advance chaff, flare and sensor decoy launchers. In addition to these weapons the Bomber carries an advanced sensor deception and countermeasures suite.
In two internal bomb bays the Blackout can carry any conventional, nuclear or plasma bomb missile or torpedo currently used by any allied Stellar Nation. it sophisticated Bomb-nav system can track and designate multiple targets ranging from a specific point on a map up to a rapidly maneuvering starship.
With the addition of seeking munitions The Blackout can deploy on site designated munitions capable of striking any target painted with a variety of target designators used by allied forces.

The Blackout has been successfully deployed by TAE, Colonial Authority, Imperial, and Valkiir forces. Less advanced models Have also be exported to numerous independent and Non Aligned worlds and factions where they serve in many roles and functions.

The aerospace capable design of the Blackout has made it a useful long range patrol craft in it's own right. when fitted with high power sensors, and torpedoes it has claimed several anti shipping kills and serves in the system defense force of several worlds as a dedicated real space, hyperspace patrol craft.

Length !50 Feet (roughly equivalent to B-52 bomber)
Range: Limited by Crew Endurance
real Space Mach 5
Hyperspace 1300 MPH (dependent on conditions)
Entry: 2300 MPH
Ascent: 700 mph
Atmospheric 1000 Mph

Flight engineer
Electronic weapons operator
Weapons System Operator

Payload: 70,000 lbs

Rear facing point defense laser system
Chaff, flare decoy, dispensers
Can carry internally mounted Air to Air missiles for self defense as part of it's payload.


Anti Shipping reduces payload to add Hyperdrives and extended life Support for crew. Payload consist of Missiles and Torpedoes for anti shipping duties.

Patrol: replaces forward Bomb bay with crew rest area. mounts enhanced electronics and sensors. Usually carries a relief crew to extend mission times. typical Payload includes self defense missiles and heavy anti ship missiles/torpedoes. Some Models add a fast firing plasma gun in drop down mount however this model suffers from reduced speed and maneuverability due to power drain of gun when active.

Elint: ( electronic intelligence) replaces bomb bays with sensor and communications suites, mounts external antenna array in disc/wing above fuselage. this model is typically unarmed and never operates without fighter escort.
Crew of 6 equipment operators and 2 analysts added to this version.

AWACS: replaces Bomb bays with Sensor and communications suites, carries a crew of 8 operator Flight controllers. carries advanced tracking sensors and communications antenna in overhead Disc/wing. ( virtually identical to Elint aircraft)
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darklord86 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
Awesome job!
wbyrd Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015
thanks this will probably be in the next book I do for Mongoose publishing.
darklord86 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015
Your welcome!
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