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Aidan by peterku
by peterku

It is a very clean, very nice looking firearm the texture is awesome. It makes me want to take it to the range and fire off a few dozen...

Imperfect by StormChazzy

Overall I have to say VERY NICE! I am speaking as someone who loves photography but has very little formal education in please ...

USS Concord - Commission by HandofManos

The profile, paint scheme and overall shape give the ship a very fast look. This is helped by The way the hull and nacelles are shaped ...

a hollow promise - BW edition by darkdex52

I am in love with this picture. You picked a very good angle, and framed it up very nicely. The choice of black and white really makes ...


Oakenwald Class battleship by wbyrd
Oakenwald Class battleship
Named for Admiral Janice Oakenwald commander of the  fleet which first engaged Roue AI warships at the Second battle of Jupiter and later a massive counter attack to drive Najuhlim forces from the Kuiper Belt during the third Najuhlim incursion, the Oakenwald is older class of battleship but  is still a a mainstay of the Terran Alliance Unified Defense Fleet.

The Oakenwald was launched in time to see action ina major dispute with a combined Q'sa, Najuhlim Zealot coalition.It's heavy firepower and rugged design proved to be more than a match for the smaller cruisers, and battlecruisers deployed in support of the hostile fleet.The Name Bearer of the Class The TWS Oakenwald, was able to engage and defeat a Najuhlim Battleship in direct engagement with only moderate damage from the heavier ship. In the same engagement its heavy guns destroyed numerous enemy corvettes, and frigates, and disabled four cruisers, despite the difficulty in achieving positive hits on the smaller vessels.

Intended for direct engagement against other battleships it has heavy armor, powerful screens, and numerous internal bulkheads to absorb tremendous fire from hostile warships. Armed with a mix of Particle beam, railgun, and Fusion cannon weapons in it's main battery it can breach enemy armor and board enemy crews with lethal radiation even through thick armor. This combination of main weapons still pose a serous threat to the most common enemy forces the TAUDF faces.

Unlike earlier battleships it does not carry extensive auxiliary craft, marines, or drones for self defense. Instead it focuses on heavy bay mounted weapons, and it's armor to cope with numerous smaller attackers, and it's heavy main guns to smash enemy capital ship. the lack of an on board fighter screen has not prove to be a drawback in the multiple engagements and full scale battles it has participated in sine it's introduction.

Acting as the base of fire for battle groups the Oakenwald is well suited to being a command vessel, as well as a primary combatant. Fleet, and Squadron commanders have access to the ships powerful array of communications, fire direction, and tactical coordination systems in a large command center using the latest computer assistance systems, and utlra high resolution holographic displays.  

However since the introduction of the Ark Royal, and Fuji Class battleships, and the Prometheus class dreadnoughts many Oakenwalds have had their command bridges replaced with more advanced fire control, and electronic warfare systems to enhance its ability too accurately engage enemy targets at range, and direct the massed fire of it's main batteries.

As newer battleships are brought into service planners have considered rotating the current Oakenwald battleships to forward deployed bases providing a stronger perimeter than the normal cruiser centered battle groups deployed to frontier regions. While slower, and less agile than most cruisers the Oakenwald is expected to increase the combat power of first lie Frontier fleets significantly despite their age, and limitations. Freeing up faster more flexible cruisers for deployment to areas currently without the presence of a major capital ship

A large number of Oakenwalds have been brought in for refit, and upgrades to their electronics, drives, and main weapons. this program will increase engine and reactor output, and install automated point defense systems. The Block IV refit program has been fully implemented, to allow modernized Okenwalds to be viable for deployment to Planetary fleets, and Client System/colonial reserve fleets.

with increased tensions and conflicts with Hostile stellar forces, the need for heavy front-line ships such as cruiser and battlecruisers has led to the possible reclassification of the Oakenwald as a battle cruiser. This would allow its release to client states. the program is under consideration since the refit and reclassification process of the Oakenwald is cheaper and faster than designing and constructing new battlecruisers. Since the Oakenwald can match the capabilities of most battle cruisers once drives are upgraded to "Block IV" standards the Likelihood of renewed construction of upgraded designs is highly likely.

Class; battleship( under review for possible reclassification)
Role heavy anti-ship main battle line warship
Control System: Sentient AI enhanced.
Tonnage: 75,000 displacement tons
Thrust: 6 G sustained ( Block IV can attain 9 gees with fast burn reaction thrusters for several hours)
FTL:  3 Parsecs per week
Armor: Extremely heavy
Shields and screen: Meson Screens, Nuclear Dampeners
Hull Modifications: Internal Bulkheads, and reinforced hull

Advance military Sensors
Distributed arrays
Extended Sensor network
Enhance Signal processing
Military Countermeasures suite

Flag Command Bridge

Computer Systems:
Advanced Fire control Lvl 3
Battle control systems
Advanced Point defense control
Screen Optimization software
Launch solution systems


Main Battery
Spinal Mount Particle beam
With Auxiliary spinal mount railguns for close range combat

Secondary Weapons:
Missile batteries
Fusion Cannon
Heavy torpedo bays

Self defense weapons:
Barbette mounted missiles, particle beams, and railgun

Point Defense
Turreted lasers, and sandcasters.

Internal Systems:
Automated repair drones
Self Sealing hull

Number in service
45: currently active
23: detached, Reserve fleet, Training 
53: mothballed, or in for refit/upgrades (total refit and upgrade/completion of this force expected within Six Years)
25 proposed New production of Block IV variant as Battlecruisers
Setting here at six in the morning after another all nighter....Just sent the Draft of my Book to mongoose publishing.

it's 136 pages of brain burn for me....but at least now I can take a breather until the editors over at Mongoose send me the list of stuff I need to fix. then I am back on coffee, aspirin, and antacid till I get it right.

This is the first time I have written anything for publication bigger than a short article, and it's been a learning experience. I don't know how people who do this for a living manage to do this on a regular basis.  Hopefully i'll get to figure that out for myself.

Thanks to the guys and gals around here who gave me feedback, encouragement and advice. Some of you guys have been inspirations to me, helped shape my view of how to do game material, and my style( as pathetic as my scribbles are in my own opinion) 
    I felt like I was passing ten miles of barbed wire when I hit the send button a bit ago, I just hope when it comes out you guys don't laugh to hard. 


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:iconthanksforwatch-fmr0: Glad my work is to your liking! And much more to come too!
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Thanks for adding "Wednesday" to your collection! Omg good luck on your book writing/publishing! That's incredible :D My sister loves to write :happybounce:
wbyrd Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
Thanks for doing the pic. It's a nice piece of work.

well right now I am just writing material for a role playing game. The serious writing is still a project in the works. and tell your sister if she ever wants to let someone read her stuff I love to read other peoples work :D
MaiaSketches Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thanks! I'll be sure to let her know :love: Good luck with your roleplaying script in the meantime :D
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This really embarrassing. I seldom check WATCHES as I just don't have an ego about it and only just realized that you watch my work! So with many apologies I've now added your excellent work to my watch collection - and have taken the time to examine what you have here. It is far more impressive than my efforts.

Thank you.
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