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Imperfect by StormChazzy

Overall I have to say VERY NICE! I am speaking as someone who loves photography but has very little formal education in please ...

USS Concord - Commission by HandofManos

The profile, paint scheme and overall shape give the ship a very fast look. This is helped by The way the hull and nacelles are shaped ...

a hollow promise - BW edition by darkdex52

I am in love with this picture. You picked a very good angle, and framed it up very nicely. The choice of black and white really makes ...


Handforged Spit detail, Tripod arrangement by wbyrd
Handforged Spit detail, Tripod arrangement
This is the joining of the three sections into a tripod. the Spit itself can double as a pot hanger, or as a third vertical for the tripos. It took a bit of work to figure out how to arrange the bends and the circular hook at the end of the spit to allow the other two verticals to interlock nicely.  You can also see here the decorative twist I put into the verticals.

As you can see I was able to make all three sections interlock solidly, and with nice pattern while allowing room for Hooks to hang pots and other cooking items in the supports without needing separate attachments ...once again the idea was t make it as simle with as few parts as possible to make it more rugged and up to  being used over hot fires, and in the elements....
handforged Spit Detail by wbyrd
handforged Spit Detail
It was tricky to figure out how to do the double bend but I  was happy with the results. Both verticals are nearly identical which surprised me....I was using a ffairly large anvil but was able to figure out how to use the anvil to allow me to make the double fold nice and tight.

The example piece I was looking at had the hooks for supporting the spit a separate pieces riveted to the vertical. I decided to try and make it a one piece unit for durability....and to be honest I didnt want to just make a copy of the example my instructor brought with me. He suggested a few trick I could use but the design was out of my head, and the work was mine ...not bad for my first bit of blacksmithing....
Hand forged spit in tripod mode by wbyrd
Hand forged spit in tripod mode
When I forged the spit I was able to put it together in such a way that it works as a tripod for camp cooking as well.a little basic but not bad for my first try.
Setting here at six in the morning after another all nighter....Just sent the Draft of my Book to mongoose publishing.

it's 136 pages of brain burn for me....but at least now I can take a breather until the editors over at Mongoose send me the list of stuff I need to fix. then I am back on coffee, aspirin, and antacid till I get it right.

This is the first time I have written anything for publication bigger than a short article, and it's been a learning experience. I don't know how people who do this for a living manage to do this on a regular basis.  Hopefully i'll get to figure that out for myself.

Thanks to the guys and gals around here who gave me feedback, encouragement and advice. Some of you guys have been inspirations to me, helped shape my view of how to do game material, and my style( as pathetic as my scribbles are in my own opinion) 
    I felt like I was passing ten miles of barbed wire when I hit the send button a bit ago, I just hope when it comes out you guys don't laugh to hard. 


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