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Aidan by peterku
by peterku

It is a very clean, very nice looking firearm the texture is awesome. It makes me want to take it to the range and fire off a few dozen...

Imperfect by StormChazzy

Overall I have to say VERY NICE! I am speaking as someone who loves photography but has very little formal education in please ...

USS Concord - Commission by HandofManos

The profile, paint scheme and overall shape give the ship a very fast look. This is helped by The way the hull and nacelles are shaped ...

a hollow promise - BW edition by darkdex52

I am in love with this picture. You picked a very good angle, and framed it up very nicely. The choice of black and white really makes ...


Triple Missile Turret by wbyrd
Triple Missile Turret
Missiles are one of the standard weapons of most forms of modern combat, they deliver a powerful, accurate punch at great distances often able to inflict critical damage on any but the most heavily armored targets. Using a wide variety of warheads, seekers, propulsion, and guidance systems, missiles are flexible, energy efficient, and powerful weapons.  when combined into multi-launcher batteries they can send waves of lethal ordnance at an enemy that may be hard pressed to defend against the incoming fire.

The missile launcher can be attached to other weapons mounts, including laser, sandcaster, and particle weapons, as well as ballistic turrets. combining weapons in a single mount do give extra flexibility on ships with limited hardpoints, however the most powerful arrangements combine missiles into a single battery.

The smallest launcher typically carried by a starship is the turret mount. a canister fitted with firecontrol linkages to the ships own sensors feeds target data to the missiles own guidance and seeker systems, directs the missile in the general direction of the target, and fires the missile. from that point on the missiles sensors, and flight control systems take over and the gunnery team can move on to the next target, or fire additional salvos at the same target.

While launchers can be a simple rail fed individual missiles from a ready store placed near the launcher, a common model places the missiles in a single canister mounted on arms to lift it clear of the hull to freely rotate and elevate to track targets, then fold away when not in use. to reload a fresh canister of missiles, the mount rotates the canister into position over loading hatches, a fresh canister is slid into the canister, and locked into place. This speeds reload times, but is not universal, however many missile launcher uses the fire, rotate to reload position, back into firing position cycle.

to reduce the mass being rotated by the mount fire control, and anchoring structures are located it eh hull of the ship, allowing a gunner, to set in the position or operate it from remote stations elsewhere in the ship. The pedestal is still required to mount data transfer, sensor linkages, and power systems for the various hardware to operate the weapon systems. 
500 Ton Survey Cutter by wbyrd
500 Ton Survey Cutter
The 500 ton survey vessel is a modular hull fitted with large bays to hold laboratories, sensor arrays, drone launch and recovery facilities, and remote operated vessels. It lacks armor and weapons due to the its use as a first contact/survey vessel. It however is usually accompanied by a larger Explorer vessel which carries combat small craft and it's own weaponry. With the bulk of its space designated for internal scientific facilities, and housing for assigned crew and specialists. The vessel is known to be rather roomy and comfortable to serve on.

When configured for survey operations the vessel carries a wide variety of sensors, deployable sensor arrays, and large numbers of drones, and remote operated vehicles. In addition the survey vessel has the ability to land, take local samples, and operate as a mobile survey station. to carry out this mission it is also fitted with storage bays for vehicles, and cargo pallet to store hardware, supplies and instruments for use by the ground team. 

for safety the vessel has a high degree of agility, radiation, and heat shielding, as well as a high acceleration rate to allow it to avoid attack, and retreat to the protection of armed vessels accompanying it. In extreme cases it will carry fighter drones, and turret drones in its storage hangers instead of utility craft. In addition all survey cutters are equipped with full medical bays,surgical theater, and two specially fitted quarantine rooms. 

The Survey Cutter has large drives, and it's own jump dries, however it's jump drives are short ranged systems useful for emergency jumps, and short range operations to systems neighboring the current location of the cutters explorer vessel. Its acceleration is high for a non military craft, allowing it to quickly re-position, and evade hostile vessels. In addition it has surplus power generation capabilities allowing it to maneuver, power it's jump drives, and maintain sensor operations.

the vessel has an obvious number of large observation windows and domes on its forward section. Usually these cover observatory packages, labs, sensor packages. they are heavily reinforced to survive impacts from debris. The observations areas can also be fitted as recreational areas when not needed for survey, observation hardware. if used for first contact, or diplomatic functions,  often the observations areas are refitted as reception and conference areas.

The bridge of the ship is completely enclosed, and near the core of the ship, along with vital systems for power, life support, and jump drives. Labs and utility bays are arranged around the core systems, and often have small direct access to one another avoiding the core areas when possible to provide the scientific crew to move about without interfering with the ships crew. In addition, internal bulkheads, and secure hatches to control spread of contaminants, biological threats, and fire during accidents.

a large bay is fitted under the nose of the ship, allowing up to a 50 ton smallcraft bay, or a 50 ton cargo pallet additional bays on the secondary engine wells allow the craft to attach high energy demand systems, or additional fuel cells, close to the ships power systems. This does include weapons pallets if the need arises, but is seldom used to maintain the non-combat nature of Survey cutters.

multiple modular bays, and hangers are arranged along the sides of the vessel, and hardpoints for attaching drop tanks, cargo modules, and other external pallets if needed. 

Statistics: exact details forthcoming when Mongoose high Guard revision complete.

Thrust: 4
Jump: 1
Fuel: 2 months,+single jump 1 fuel ( fuel scoops and processors installed)
Power systems: fusion reactor, with additional solar cells on external hull.
Crew: varies
Nomral ship crew consist of 
2 pilots
2 Sensor, system operator
4 engineers
2 medical officers
1 Steward/science team liaison Officer
4 security Officer/marines

advanced sensors, survey sensor array, and deployable array.
Small craft 3 ten ton survey ROVs
2 10 ton modules for housing
2 50 ton modular bays
20 robotic Survey drones
Setting here at six in the morning after another all nighter....Just sent the Draft of my Book to mongoose publishing.

it's 136 pages of brain burn for me....but at least now I can take a breather until the editors over at Mongoose send me the list of stuff I need to fix. then I am back on coffee, aspirin, and antacid till I get it right.

This is the first time I have written anything for publication bigger than a short article, and it's been a learning experience. I don't know how people who do this for a living manage to do this on a regular basis.  Hopefully i'll get to figure that out for myself.

Thanks to the guys and gals around here who gave me feedback, encouragement and advice. Some of you guys have been inspirations to me, helped shape my view of how to do game material, and my style( as pathetic as my scribbles are in my own opinion) 
    I felt like I was passing ten miles of barbed wire when I hit the send button a bit ago, I just hope when it comes out you guys don't laugh to hard. 


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